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Inner Critic Workshop Resources

Thanks for joining me for this workshop - here are some of the resources I was telling you about as well as some of the practical tips you suggested for getting into the helpful zone. Along with some other things I've added that may be of interest. Enjoy!


Video: Headspace 'Remember the blue sky'. A lovely metaphor in cartoon format (my favourite format) that depicts thoughts as clouds passing

Podcast: Unlocking us.

Brené Brown interviews David Eagleman on 'The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain'

Magazine article: 6 Negative mindsets that increase your anxiety

TED talk: Elizabeth Gilbert on Your elusive creative genius

Liz Gilbert Quote.png

Book: Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


Podcast: On being with Krista Tippett interviews Brain Surgeon James Doty on the magic shop of the brain

Instagram visuals: 5 Things our artistic careers will ask of us

Free App: Headspace is a meditation app with videos and audio to listen to for guided meditation. They offer a 2 week free trial and resources.


Before or during a performance where appropriate

  • Breathe! From your belly and focussing on exhaling

  • Power Posing - see Amy Cuddy TED Talk Video

  • Make the audience not so visible eg lights or removing your glasses

  • Push ups or anything physical to burn extra adrenaline

  • Quiet reflection time

  • Smile - it fools your brain into thinking you're relaxed

  • Playing silly/goofy games with your team

  • Listen to or watch comedy sketches you love

  • Put your attention on other people

  • Shake off the nerves - literally shake parts of your body

  • Breathe!

  • Use your voice as much as possible

  • Rocking on your legs in a rhythmic way

  • Say hello to the audience as they come in


  • Drink water

  • Dance

  • Stretch out your neck and shoulders

  • Scrunch your toes and feel the floor beneath you

  • Repeat your PETs

  • Look in your teammates eyes and affirm your intention to support them e.g. 'I've got your back'

  • Stretch out your face and mouth muscles and practise tongue twisters

  • Massage any tense parts of your body

  • Breathe!

Woman with Freckles
Actors on Stage


Before or during a performance where appropriate

  • Presence - notice objectively the facts of your body and your environment

  • Voice Mirroring - Listen so keenly to the scene that you could finish off the other person's [sandwiches]

  • Reflect and add - It's simple but effective especially when you notice you aren't listening or talking more than you'd like

  • Repeat your PETs ad nauseam until they become habitual thoughts

On Stage


The timing of these is up to you

  • Put a band aid on it - Don't try to dissect it or dwell on it immediately after the show. Try to instead do a best bits debrief with your team and if it's a solo show be gracious to your audience when they say they liked it. 

  • (NB: If you're a coach don't tell your team what they did wrong. It's not a football match! Instead get the team to remind each other of the things that did work to shake off the negative feelings. Then address the things to improve in the next rehearsal with specific exercises to help improve things)

  • When you are ready list all the things you think that you personally were disappointed with. Then make it practical by writing a list all the things you can do to improve your performance next time, skills to develop and/or what you want to learn from the experience.

  • Remember to think about your growth as the long term mastering of something not the latest successes and or failures (See Brene Brown & Sarah lewis Podcast)

  • Go to your self care list - This is a list you have already created when you're in a good place mentally. A self care list has all the activities that make feel better e.g. cooking a meal, having a bath, stroking a pet, listening to music - It will be different fo everyone and is not just about eating chocolate and binging TV (Although it can be if it makes you feel good) 

  • Contact a person or people who will understand what it's like to have a bad show or workshop and you know who have historically proven to give you the right kind of support when you're feeling down.

  • Don't feed the wrong wolf - if you catch yourself doing so e.g. reading over a bad review or looking at unflattering photos to 'prove' you're awful, then stop immediately. Don't give your brain extra weapons to beat yourself up with! Try to feed the other wolf by listing positive facts and acheivements about yourself e.g. 'I got a place in this group because I'm good enough.' or 'That audience member loved my characters'

  • If it's late at night and you just want to sleep, distract yourself with something else such as:

    • Counting your breaths up to 10,

    • Listing all the words you can think of that start with a particular letter "cat... clubhouse... crank..." 

    • Tensing up all the muscles in your body for 20 seconds then letting go

    • Writing out an action plan of how to improve your performance

    • List what you're grateful for in your life. Its cheesy I know but it works! Some people would kill to have what you have!


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