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Training over 2,500 people globally

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Countries Maria has trained

Workplace Training Courses

All courses are designed and tailored to the organisation and attendees. 

Here's an idea of the type of content Maria specialises in

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Course Content

Improv For Business

Improvisation for business

Improvisation isn't the opposite of planning, it's the skill of 'working with what you've got'.

'Improvising' and 'business' haven't historically been natural bed fellows. "Surely if we fail to prepare then we prepare to fail?" 

Yet business schools like Stanford and MIT and companies like Deloitte are embracing and espousing the benefits of improv as a way to stay responsive and adapt your plans in today's lightening speed work environments.

Key Skills:

Team Meeting

& Innovation

If you're not evolving in business, the simple truth is that you'll be left behind

Whether individually or as a team, there comes a time when you need to think differently to create bold new ideas.

Creativity thrives in psychologically safe environments. But how do you suggest that half-baked idea without looking incompetent?

This workshop will introduce you to structures and tools grounded in research, and perfected by professional artists that expand your thinking and make work playful again


  • Techniques to generate ideas

  • Understand the Innovation process

  • Implementing changes that last


& Pitching

The most powerful tool in business, but it's not as scary as you think...

When we lived in caves our brains learned that many pairs of eyes staring at us meant imminent danger. 

To this day, our brains and fear responses are still running on the same outdated program. 

This workshop will give you tools to manage nerves and deliver confidently.

Borrowing the tips on how to structure to influence others from the greatest speakers from history.

Building on behavioural psychology and research that allows you to be ' you but at your best' on stage



  • Confident delivery to any audience

  • Structure content for maximum impact

  • Managing nerves and anxiety

Giving a Presentation

For Business

Stories are just data but with a heart

If you're the person who needs to translate complex ideas so they can be understood simply...

Or if you're the person who needs to influence others so that what you share isn't forgotten...

Or maybe you're the person who usually has a topic to present where you have to apologise that 'It might be a bit dry'...

It sounds like you might need to bring your content to life with the super power of storytelling.

One of the key aspects of charisma and charm is to be a good storyteller.

This workshop will empower you with proven techniques that engage, wow, and persuade an audience. 


  • Make specialist content accessible

  • Galvanise loyalty, motivation & purpose

  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships

Giving a Lecture

Creative Problem Solving

For the times when your old way of thinking is just not working 

This workshop will give you inspiration. Literally. 
For the 10% of the time when you've tried everything, even staring out a window and whispering to yourself "Come on, think!"

When all of your current expertise and knowledge have got you so far but now you're stuck. 

This workshop walks you through techniques that will force you to think differently. 

Gain fresh tools that will provide you with solutions that propel your work forward and break your team through the beige brainstorms. 

Come up with ideas that create break-through innovations for new clients, contexts, or catastrophies.


  • Effective team brainstorms

  • Techniques for generating unique solutions

  • Strengthen team collaboration

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Problem Solving
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Additional Workshops

  •  Communication Masterclass  

  •  Media Skills​ 

  •  Leadership Masterclass  

  •  Women in Leadership 

  •  Influencing  

  •  Time Management Skills  

  •  Manager Training 

  •  Effective Team Meetings 

  •  Mentoring & Coaching Others 

What people say about Maria's Workshops

Incredibly useful.

I even found myself using the coaching techniques yesterday while talking through an issue a colleague was having!

Alex Edwards,

Learning and Development Advisor


Motivating, entertaining and inspiring. Thanks a lot!!!

 Markus Thomas,
Organisation Learning and Evolution Partner

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For me, it was an inspiring experience.

Wonderfully presented and structured.

Kristine Jansone,

Community Programs Officer

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