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Silencing Your Inner Critic

“Her classes gave me a seismic change in my abilities and confidence as a performer”
– Jen  (Workshop participant)
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About This Workshop

We all think theatre critics can be harsh but often the harshest reviews of your improv come from the voice inside our heads. 

Silencing the ‘Inner Critic’ (the voice that says you’re not good at improvising, that your scene was awful and that everything that comes out of your mouth is embarrassing) is a workshop where we’ll look at practical tools to shut that voice up when you’re trying to improvise.  

I’ve known countless improvisers, from beginners to professionals, say after a scene or show. “I didn’t enjoy it, I was too in my head” 

We know that what that actually means is that the negative chatter in their head was too distracting for them to focus on being present. 


  • To play with a bunch of practical tools that help you stay present in improv and in life 

  • To know how to put the brakes on when ‘catastrophising’ or negative spiralling begins

  • To squash self-critical assumptions (E.g. ‘I don’t know but I bet they hated it’)

ONLINE Tuesday 15 Dec

19:00 - 21:30 GMT

Bristol Improv Theatre

ONLINE Thursday 17 Dec 

19:00 - 21:30 GMT

Bristol Improv Theatre

ONLINE Saturday 23 Jan 

 22:00 - 00:30 GMT 

£15.00 GBP 

($25.00 NZD)

($20.00 USD)




Maria Peters is one of the Yes Queens, London West End’s first female lead improv comedy group.  

She also performs in Breaking & Entering, the hugely popular improv duo and creators of The Playground which has grown to be one of the UK’s most iconic improv nights.

Her solo show, The Science of Cringe, premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and played to sell-out audiences.


She has also written for BBC Radio Comedy, appeared on BBC One, and is a regular on the improvised podcast Destination.


Maria has been teaching improv for 11 years both in the UK and at improv festivals internationally, most recently in Estonia, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal & The United States.

A lot of her expertise has also been gathered from world class instructors over the years including:

Charna Halpern, the founder of iO Chicago and author of Truth in Comedy, who originally developed The Harold with Del Close

Keith Johnstone, London

Upright Citizens Brigade, New York

The Second City, Chicago.

Maria is also a professional educator. Her varied career encompasses Museum Learning and Personal Professional Development Training which all adds to her expertise in passing on knowledge in interactive & engaging ways.

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