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Lauren & Maria

What's Happening?

Want to play in a safe, supportive space, experiment with the Playground format and have more fun than you thought possible in a Zoom class? 

Great news: for the first time in their 8 year improv partnership, Lauren Shearing and Maria Peters are teaching classes. Together! This online course will take the magic that makes The Playground - One of the biggest sellout improv nights in London - And distill it into 6 workshops.


Playground Night 2020.JPG

The Playground Night 2020

Who is it for?

Designed exclusively for female identifying improvisers and aimed at intermediate to advanced improv level. 

What will it cover?

Topics will include:

Scene work 

We’ll look at funny scenes with heart 

How to:

- Let our scenes breathe, and knowing when to vary the tone of your scenes.

- Open, vulnerable and connected scene work,

- Following the fun 


The art of the truthful monologue

We’ll focus on how the Armando works and see how the monologues are the verbal glue that hold the show together.

How to:

- Structure & confidently deliver monologues based on your life experiences

- Pull a variety of scene initiations from a single monologue

- Get the most imaginative and exciting scenes from the source material


Connecting scenes 

We’ll have fun exploring the types of leaps you can make from one scene to the next.

How to: 

- Link scenes in a broad range of styles e.g. from Flashbacks to Barn-door Edits

- Use callbacks, recurring themes and characters

- Know how and when to end the show


The Armando!

We’ll bring in a guest Playground player to come and tell stories for you to do run through of a full show

How to:

- Confidently play in an Armando

- Feel like you could step on stage and know exactly what you’re doing

When is it?

Monday 12 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Wednesday 14 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Monday 19 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Wednesday 21 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Monday 26 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

Wednesday 28 April, 7pm-9pm (UK time)

How much is it?

£175 for the full course of 6 classes. The class will be capped at 14 places. 

Tell me a bit more about them?

Lauren and Maria have been performing together for nearly ten years. They have studied improv together in London and Chicago, and have performed as Breaking and Entering across the world from Dublin to Philadelphia. Together they co-founded the Playground, one of London's most successful improv nights which brings together some of the most experienced female improvisers in the UK. They are dedicated to making women feel safe and empowered on stage.


Outside of Breaking & Entering, Maria is a member of 'The Yes Queens' and her critically acclaimed solo show, 'The Science of Cringe', played to sell-out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has also written for BBC Radio Comedy. Lauren improvises with Austentatious: An improvised Jane Austen novel, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical and Mischief Theatre. 

How do I book?

Send an email to with the subject heading COURSE BOOKING and we'll get straight back to you with all the booking details.

Any questions?

Please do send us an email if there's anything else you'd like to know.

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