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Maria has undoubtedly
transformed my improv

Paddy Smith


Jen Longden

Maria's classes gave me a seismic change in my abilities and confidence as a performer.

Maria naturally inspires confidence and trust which puts you at ease and gives you the springboard you need to make herculean leaps in performance and character. She quietly notices your strengths even when you don’t and provides constant mentorship and feedback in order for you to self-reflect and build. I can’t fault Maria. I truly have enjoyed working with her and will always look to do more of her workshops. I cannot recommend her enough.


Belton Flournoy

I first met Maria when I dropped into one of her classes, since I missed one from my course.  Seeing her approach to teaching improv, I knew I needed to have her as my teacher.  Two courses later, I still enjoy her teaching style as much as I did the first day I met her.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to either get into improv, or further refine their skills.


Liv Long

Maria can make you feel completely at home in her classes. No matter who you are or what kind of day you've had, you'll come away from her workshop feeling brighter.

Maria's reputation as an improv teacher is clear from the way her students (including me) 'follow' her from course to course. Her shows and classes sell out with very good reason.

Maria simply makes you feel so damn special, supported and silly. Maria puts everyone at ease and is an utter joy to be around. Plus she is a master improviser, which helps!

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